How to Wear Ankle Boots

Ankle boots have become one of the most popular footwear in the fashion world. The design notwithstanding, one common thing to every ankle boot is that they typically reach just above the ankle. You’ll also find them in different styles, materials, and heel heights. They can level up your appearance if you know how to style them right.

This guide walks you through how to wear ankle boots and stand out from the crowd.

Ankle Boots

How to Select the Best Pair of Ankle Boot

You must note, however, that not all ankle boot designs work for most body types or jeans. The following tips will help you choose the boots that fit your style. Nonetheless, you’ll still have to agree that the occasion remains the highest determiner of your choice of boots.

Ankle Boot Size and Fit Is Everything

In all cases, always pick the best fit. Don’t be in so much hurry and settle for boots that are bigger or smaller in size. You will become uncomfortable with them. Even worse, they’ll mess up your outing, especially your balance.

Heel height of Ankle boots matters

Besides picking a size that fits, the heel size you choose also matters. While heel sizes may not determine the type of jeans you wear, they dictate how comfortable you will feel. If you’re wearing tight jeans already, combining that with an extra-high heel could make bending over grossly challenging.

Quality Outshines Aesthetics and Design

Experienced fashionistas recognize quality when they see one. Dressing in style is not only about the looks. The quality of your outfit also communicates a lot about your style and taste. If you don’t want to have your boots pulled apart only halfway through your day, you must prioritize quality over fancy designs.

Choose the perfect Ankle Boot Toe Shape

Finally, ankle boot lovers know that boot height and toe shape tell a lot about your class. They determine how people perceive you. There is a need to specifically pick the toe shape that fits the occasion.

How to wear ankle boots

Pairing Ankle Boots with Jeans

Ankle boots and jeans generally make for a classic combination. Always ensure you choose jeans that complement your ankle boots to create a stylish look. Skinny jeans, for example, are a popular choice because you can easily tuck them into your boots. On the other hand, you can opt for cropped or straight-leg jeans and cuff them just above the shaft of the boot. It creates a chic and casual vibe while showcasing your stylish footwear.

Ankle Boots with Jeans

Styling Ankle Boots with Skirts and Dresses

A pair of ankle boots, skirts, and dresses are another staple that showcases your feminine vibes. The key is to consider the length and style of your dress or skirt. Both medium and maximum Skirt lengths go with flat-ankle and heeled boots. Remember to balance the proportions of your outfit for a harmonious look.

Ankle Boots with Skirt

Wearing White Ankle Boots

Wearing white ankle boots can add a unique touch to your outfit. The key is to let your white ankle boots shine as the focal point of your outfit. Pair them with dark-wash jeans, preferably skinny jeans, or a chic black skirt for a crisp and modern look. You can opt for a monochromatic or pastel-colored top to spice things up. It gives you a fresh and sophisticated ensemble.

Layering with Ankle Boots

Layering is a great way to add depth and style to your outfits, especially during colder months. Consider layering them with socks, tights, or leggings. Pick contrasting or matching colors to create unique combinations. Also, add visual aesthetics through textures and patterns to make a statement with your ensemble.


Whether you’re dressing up or going for a casual look, ankle boots offer endless possibilities. Experiment with different styles, materials, and outfit combinations to uncover your uniqueness. However, always remember that the longevity of your boot depends majorly on how much care you give it. Now, go out there and rock those ankle boots with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my ankle boots go with wide-leg pants?

Yes, ankle boots go with wide-leg pants. Also, it’s best to choose a pair of ankle boots with a chunkier heel to balance out the volume of the pants. Ensure that the hem of the pants falls just above the top of the boot for a chic and flattering look.

Are ankle boots suitable for summer outfits?

During the summer, ankle boots play a role in keeping your feet warm, especially in cooler evenings or air-conditioned spaces. Pair them with flowy dresses. It can also go with skirts for a bohemian-inspired appearance. Choose ankle boots in lighter materials, such as suede or canvas, to keep your feet comfortable.

How can my legs look longer when wearing ankle boots?

To create the illusion of longer legs, pair high-heel ankle boots with skirts, shorts, or dresses that end above the knee. Opt for nude or neutral-colored boots that blend with your skin tone for a seamless leg-lengthening effect.

Can my ankle boots go with leggings?

Yes, ankle boots go well with leggings. It creates a stylish and comfortable outfit. Consider pairing them with a long tunic or oversized sweater to create a balanced and cozy look. Complete the ensemble by layering it with a cardigan or a jacket.

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